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2023 Annual Conference of Southeast Asian Studies in Taiwan


2023  Annual Conference of Southeast Asian Studies in Taiwan  
 Post-Pandemic Era: The Mobility and Mooring of Human and Nonhuman

About the Conference

       2023 The 25th Annual Conference of Southeast Asian Studies in Taiwan (ACSEAST) will be co-hosted by Department of Southeast Asian Studies and College of Humanities from National Chi Nan University, Taiwan Association of Southeast Asian Studies, and Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies from Research Center for Humanities and Social Science of Academia Sinica. National Chi Nan University (NCNU), located in the geographic center of Taiwan with a 150-hectare campus, is surrounded by mountains with various natural scenery and diverse ecology. NCNU has successfully promoted sustainable campus environment and eco-friendliness, and been ranked top 50 on UI GreenMetric World University Rankings for many years in a row. The area around NCNU is also a place where diverse ethnic groups migrate and settle and thereby forms a colorful ethnic cultural landscape which is recognized as a treasury of cultural and ethnic studies. The conference sincerely invites domestic and international Southeast Asian researchers to NCNU for participating in this annual conference and enjoy the knowledge feast in Southeast Asian Studies amidst the gathering of talents and the beauty of nature.

       After three years of COVID-19, countries around the world have undergone tremendous changes in their lives during the pandemic, and are moving towards the post-pandemic re-opening and trying returning to normal life. However, how to restore the post-pandemic life? Or what has changed systematically? Clearly it’s a question worth dissecting. Hence, 2023 The 25th Annual Conference of Southeast Asian Studies in Taiwan is themed as “Post-Pandemic Era: The Mobility and Mooring of Human and Nonhuman” to explore the social, political and cultural changes and constants of Taiwan and Southeast Asia in the post-pandemic era. We welcome contributors to carry out multiple research explorations intra- and extraterritorial Southeast Asia formed by the post-pandemic. We believe that your rich discoveries, understanding and reflections can further expand the knowledge in the field of Southeast Asian Studies. Various possible new topics and reflections on the construction of academic knowledge can all respond to the theme of the conference. We welcome scholars from different disciplines (such as history, anthropology, sociology, political science, economics, linguistics, archaeology, ethnomusicology, art, cultural studies, literature, pedagogy, and management...etc.) gathering at NCNU for sharing and discussing relevant topics. The conference will be held by two days, poster presentations allowed as well.

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